[visionlist] Active research using eye tracking in 3D environments? Free publicity at ECEM!

Hello community,

I will soon be teaching a workshop on eye tracking in 3D sensed/simulated/augmented environments at the European Conference on Eye Movements (2017), and I would like to present a sampling of ongoing research on human vision that utilizes eye tracking in 3D.

If you have something you would like mentioned, with related video / graphics, please feel free to share related slide-friendly media with me using a hosting service and sharable link (rather than filling my mailbox). Movies in *.mov format please, and be sure to include a very concise explanation! of the question you are addressing, and how eye tracking is helping you to address it. My intention is to spend a maximum of three minutes per project.

I’m not sure what to expect here, and I apologize in advance in the case that I get a larger response than anticipated, in which case I may not be able to respond or present all contributions.

Thank you!

– gD


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