[visionlist] Postdoc position in Italy — deadline approaching — computational neuroscience, computational linguistics, brain plasticity, language processing in blind individuals.

Postdoctoral Position: Language processing in blind individuals.


Applications for a post-doctoral position are invited in the context of a joint research project between the International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste and the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC) in Trento (Italy). The project is funded by a PRIN grant from the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR). The project is dedicated to investigate the neural circuits involved in semantic processes and their plasticity, comparing sighted and blind individuals using combined MEG/fMRI methodologies.

The project is coordinated by Prof. Davide Crepaldi [http://ift.tt/2kHhHq1] and Prof. Olivier Collignon [http://ift.tt/2lc5s1J].


SISSA and the CIMeC are ranked among the top research universities in Italy, and they both offer a friendly international environment with state-of-the-art research tools, including MRI, EEG, MEG, TMS, eye tracking, motion tracking, and access to neuropsychological patients. English is the official language at both institutions, where a large portion of the faculty, post-docs and students come from a wide range of countries. Moreover, both Trieste and the Trentino region are consistently at the top levels for quality of life, with fantastic nature (the Dolomite, lake Garda, the Triestinian Karst) and a vibrant cultural environment (Trento film festival, Christmas markets, la Barcolana, Trieste jazz festival).



Two kinds of profiles are eligible for this position. The candidate may have experience in computational neuroscience with EEG/MEG and/or fMRI research, with strong skills and interest in methodological development (brain connectivity, pattern recognition, machine learning, multivariate analysis). The candidate may also/either have experience in the field of computational linguistics, distributional semantics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Experience in research with special populations is a plus but not a necessity. We are seeking for candidates with clear potential for publication in high–impact neuroscience/experimental psychology journals, attention to details, and good attitude towards teamwork.  Knowledge of Italian language is a bonus but not required.


The commitment is for two years, with a competitive European-level salary, depending upon qualifications and experience.


Ideal starting date would be around September 2017.

The deadline for the application is 17/7/2017. More specific information on the application process (and the official call) is available at this website: http://ift.tt/2tMx70n

Informal inquiries are most welcome with davide.crepaldi@sissa.it, and/or olivier.collignon@unitn.it.


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