[visionlist] postdoc position on integrated information theory at Tononi’s lab

Open positions

July 7, 2017

Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness

Prof. Giulio Tononi

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Several postdoctoral positions are available at the Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness in the laboratory of Prof. Giulio Tononi to study complex systems within the framework of integrated information theory (IIT).

Immediate funding is available for a range of projects including the foundational development of IIT’s mathematical framework, the development of practical measures of integrated information, and their applications to complex systems (biological and artificial).


Strong training in an analytically rigorous discipline such as theoretical or computational biology/neuroscience, physics, mathematics, computer science, or engineering

Programming experience (knowledge of MATLAB, Python, and/or C++ is of advantage)


Experience in information theory and complex systems

Interest in the philosophy of causation

Appointments are renewable from year to year for up to three years, starting as soon as possible or until the positions are filled. Postdoc salaries correspond to the National Institutes of Health National Research Service Award (NRSA) stipend schedule for postdoc trainees, based on number of years of postdoctoral experience.

Candidates should send a CV, brief statement (500 words maximum) describing their research interests and potential role within the lab, and email addresses and phone numbers of three references to:

Giulio Tononi, MD, PhD (gtononi@wisc.edu)

For more information, contact Larissa Albantakis, PhD (albantakis@wisc.edu) or William Marshall, PhD (wmarshall3@wisc.edu)


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