[visionlist] PhD positions on Translational Neurosciences and Neurotechnologies – IIT@UNIFE

The Center for Translational Neurophysiology of Speech and Communication (CTNSC) at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) is looking for up to 4 highly motivated, full-time PhD students to work in the core research areas of the Center. 
At the CTNSC we focus our efforts in two integrated directions. On one side we are studying how the brain builds communicative and linguistic representations. On the other side we are designing new brain interfaces, specifically conceived for human use, to
record and computationally decode neural signals.
The CTNSC is hosted by the Section of Physiology of the University of Ferrara, one of the oldest in Italy (founded in 1391). In terms of its size, facilities, quality and quantity of education and research, the university is a point of excellence within Italy. 
The PhD student will work in Ferrara, in an international and multidisciplinary team including biomedical engineers, biologists, computer scientists, psychologists and medical doctors. 
The PhD positions will cover the following core areas of CTNSC:
A01 Improving performance and biocompatibility of electrode arrays for brain-computer interfaces
A02 Functional investigation of innovative neural interfaces
A03 Investigation of sensorimotor functions in animal models (NH primates and rats)
A04 Machine learning applications to multimodal brain and speech signals
A05 Human neurophysiology of speech and sensorimotor communication
A06 Cortical recordings in human patients during awake Neurosurgery
A07 Hardware and software development for innovative exploration of brain signals
CTNSC Info: http://ift.tt/2u80Bob
PhD page [ITA]: http://ift.tt/2tq0DKS
How to participate to the selection [ITA/ENG]: http://ift.tt/2u7VYdw


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