[visionlist] PostDoc position in the Vision Institute (Paris)

A postdoctoral position is available in the Vision Institute
(http://ift.tt/1SlfEAv), Paris, France, to work on a
project of vision restoration based on optogenetics.

The purpose of the project is to design new light stimulation patterns
that can independently activate different types of ganglion cells,
taking advantage of their intrinsic physiological properties. The
post-doc will perform patch clamp experiments in vitro, in mice and
primate retina where optogenetic proteins have been expressed in
ganglion cells. He/She will work in an interdisciplinary team mixing
both computational and experimental approaches, supervised by Drs
Olivier Marre and Pierre Yger.

The ideal candidate should have an expertise in patch clamp recordings.
Additional skills in computational neuroscience or optogenetics is a
plus but not required.

The position is fun­ded for up to three years, starting November 2017.

Interested candidates should contact us ( olivier.marre@inserm.fr and/or
pierre.yger@inserm.fr ) with a CV, including a list of publications,
short paragraph about what they have worked on so far and why they are
interested in this project and 2-3 names of people who we can contact
for references.


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