[visionlist] CfP: Impact of Visuospatial Skills on Learning, Riga, October, November 2017


First Call for Papers12th International Symposium of Cognition, Logic and Communication Impact of Visuospatial Skills on LearningSymposiumandWorkshopAt the Laboratory for Perceptual and Cognitive Systems, Faculty of Computing,University of Latvia, Riga, LatviaOctober 31, November 1, 2017Co-Organizers: Faculty of Computing & Faculty of Business, Management and EconomicsUniversity of Latvia
 According to recent evidence from psychology and learning science visuospatial skills are critical components in learning and might be a significant predictor of success in learning. Furthermore, external visuospatial representations scaffold variety of internal processes of reasoning ranging from everyday tasks to highly complex processes.This symposium will focus on the following topics (but are not limited to):a.     Impact of visuospatial skills on the processes of learning in STEM fieldsb.     The nature and dynamics of visuospatial skills and their place in the larger context of cognitive processesc.     The role of visualizations in cognitive processes as scaffolding tools and expressive media.d.     Visuospatial reasoning, its semantics, qualitative and quantitative representation.e.     Verbal and nonverbal processes in visuospatial reasoningf.      Visuospatial processes in logic and formal sciences We welcome contributions from fields including cognitive science, psychology, learning science, linguistics, computer science, and philosophy.Interdisciplinary contributions are especially welcome.2-page anonymous abstracts (12 point) for a talk of 30 minutes (+10 minutes discussion) should be submitted by September 15 by sending them to lpcs@lu.lvwith’Paper Riga 2014’on the subject line.Submissions have to be prepared as pdf files.A limited number of papers will be selected for presentation at the symposium and considered for inclusion in the proceedings in the Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication (http://ift.tt/1QKvGnz; instructions: http://ift.tt/2uBrgtK) or Baltic Journal of Modern Computing (http://ift.tt/2uZ6kie)Keynote speakers (alphabetically):
Bob Coecke, 

Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, UKMike Stieff, 

Department of Chemistry, Learning Sciences Research InstituteUniversity of Illinois-Chicago, IL, USADavid H. Uttal, 

School of Education and Social Policy & Department of Psychology Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA
 Program Committee:Andris Ambainis, University of Latvia, Riga, LatviaIvars Austers, University of Latvia, Riga, LatviaSigne Bāliņa, University of Latvia, Riga, LatviaJuris Borzovs, University of Latvia, Riga, LatviaMichael Glanzberg, Northwestern University, USANora Newcombe, Temple University, USASusan Rothstein, Bar-Ilan University, IsraelJurģis Šķilters, University of Latvia, Riga, LatviaDavid Uttal, Northwestern University, USAYoad Winter, Utrecht University, The Netherlands   Joost Zwarts,  Utrecht University, The Netherlands    Support: University of Latvia Foundation, ACCENTURE.  Additional information: lpcs@lu.lv or jurgis.skilters@lu.lvhttp://www.lpcs.lu.lv/


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