[visionlist] [jobs] Idiap/EPFL (Switzerland): 3 PhD positions in perception, robot skill learning and HRI

The Perception and Activity Understanding group (Jean-Marc Odobez,
http://ift.tt/1kMQvOb) and the Robot Learning and Interaction
group (Sylvain Calinon, http://calinon.ch) at the Idiap Research
Institute (http://www.idiap.ch) seek 3 PhD candidates for a Swiss NSF
funded project aiming to study robot skills acquisition through active
learning and social interaction strategies (ROSALIS, see below).

The 3 PhD students will collaborate together, with 3 axes of research:
1) skill learning (Calinon)
2) perception (Odobez)
3) interaction modeling (Odobez+Calinon).
The preferred axis/axes of research must be mentioned in the application.

The project will start in early 2018, but positions can start earlier.

The ideal PhD candidate should hold a MS degree in computer science,
engineering, physics or applied mathematics. S/he should have a
background in statistics, linear algebra, signal processing and
programming. The positions are for 4 years, provided successful
progress, and should lead to a dissertation. The selected candidates
will become doctoral students at EPFL provided acceptance by the
Doctoral School at EPFL (http://ift.tt/1W75isG). Annual gross
salary ranges from 47,000 CHF (first year) to 50,000 CHF (last year).

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, a detailed CV, and
the names of three references (or recommendation letters) through the
Idiap online recruitment system:

Interviews will start on *September 1st, 2017*. Late applications will
be treated depending on whether positions have been filled or not.


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