[visionlist] Big Data Neuroscience workshop (Awards deadline August 14 2017)

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Big Data Neuroscience Workshop 2017

Organized by the Advanced Neuroscience Network (ACNN) and funded by the National Science Foundation


September 8-9, 2017 Indiana University Bloomington


Randy L. Buckner (Harvard University): Deep Phenotyping of the Individual: Data Science Challenges and Opportunities.

Vince Calhoun (University of New Mexico): The mind-research network: Large-scale analysis of multimodal medical images.

Terry Jernigan (University of California, SD): The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study.

Brian A. Wandell (Stanford University): A project on scientific transparency.


Olaf Sporns (Indiana University): Network Neuroscience: Mapping and Modeling Complex Brain Networks.

Melissa Cragin (Midwest Big Data Hub): Accelerating the Big Data Innovation Ecosystem.

Ivo Dinov (University of Michigan): Predictive Big Brain Data Analytics.

DK Panda (Ohio State University): Exploiting High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data to Accelerate Processing of NeuroScience Data.

Satya Sahoo (Case Western University): A Scalable Neuroinformatics Workflow for Deriving Functional Brain Networks using Electrophysiological Signal Data.

Lei Wang (Northwestern University): SchizConnect Work-in-Progress: Data Mediation, BIDSification and Pipelines for Neuroimaging Research in Schizophrenia

Richard Gonzalez (University of Michigan): Statistical methods for big data neuroscience.

Franco Pestilli (Indiana University): Multidimensional encoding of brain connectomes: Building biological networks with preserved edge anatomy.

Andrew Saykin (Indiana University School of Medicine): A systems perspective on Alzheimer’s disease: Challenges and opportunities of multi-modality neuroimaging and -omics data.

The workshop has several aims:

Foster Big Data culture for Neuroscience.

Build an active Midwest Neuroscience Network Community.

Promote open-sharing of large-scale datasets, data-intensive resources, expertise, software, services, protocols, and learning modules.

Facilitate discussions for multi-institutional grants, training opportunities, publications, and research.

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS (DUE AUGUST 14)  The workshop will have opportunities for participants to present in three formats: posters, lightning talks (5 min), or parallel session talks (12 min). Submissions should be related to the workshop topics. To submit a 250-word (maximum) abstract for consideration, please use our submission system: http://ift.tt/2fsRxqt.

REGISTRATION LIMITED  Space is limited, so there is a short registration form required to hold a spot. A fee of $60 for faculty, $45 for students, and $25 for students covers all materials, and breakfast and lunch on the 8th and 9th. Registration closes Sept. 4, but we encourage early registration to ensure a place. http://ift.tt/2hJtNz5

STUDENT SUPPORT APPLICATIONS (DUE AUGUST 14)  Over 50 student NSF Scholarships are available and will include the registration fee, housing (shared hotel room), and up to $200 in support for travel. http://ift.tt/2fsRz1z Please note that the NSF Scholarships can only support US residents. There may be a very limited number of scholarships available for international students, however, the maximum travel support available for transportation to the workshop would still be $200.

ORGANIZERS  Indiana University (local host): Franco Pestilli, Olaf Sporns, and Andrew Saykin

University of Michigan: Ivo Dinov, Richard Gonzalez, and George AlterThe Ohio State University: Dhabaleswar Panda, Xiaoyi Lu, and Hari SubramoniCase Western Reserve University: Satya SahooWashington University: Daniel Marcus

Northwestern University: Lei Wang


Franco Pestilli, PhD

Assistant Professor in Psychology, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science 

Adjunct Professor in Engineering, Computer Science, and Optometry 

Indiana Network Science Institute

𝞇 Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405

francopestilli.com  |  franpest@indiana.edu

pestillilab.indiana.edu  | brain-life.org 

Phone: +1 (812) 856 9967


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