[visionlist] EEG and Elevators

Hi Folks,

Wellesley College is building a new science building and we want to equip it with an EEG/Sleep lab. We have been told to be careful about its placement relative to motors (e.g. elevator motors at the top of elevator shafts). We have gotten some helpful advice from some smart and experienced folks on how far is far enough, but we want to get the best handle on this that we possibly can. If anyone has relevant personal experiences to share (e.g. “my lab is 30 ft from an elevator motor and it’s never been a problem”), ideas for how to tackle this (e.g. “here is a website to consult” or “here is an experiment to conduct”), thoughts on what sort of consultants we might hire to investigate it (electrical engineers? someone else?), or any other relevant thoughts/info, I’d love to hear it! Many thanks,Jeremy

Jeremy Wilmer, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Wellesley College, MA


Office:  781-283-3775


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