[visionlist] Postdoc / Engineering Positions, Boston

Our lab at Boston Children’s Hospital / Harvard Medical School is looking for innovative and enthusiastic individuals to join our growing multi-disciplinary research team. 


We are interested in understanding structure, function, and information processing in neuronal circuits. Our goal is to discover organizational principles of neuronal circuits that enable complex behavior. To do so, we analyze neural network structure and function at highest possible resolution and completeness by combining large-scale electron microscopy, in vivo two-photon calcium imaging, modeling, and behavior.

Candidates must be highly proficient in at least one programming language including, but not limited to Python, C/C++, or MATLAB with a preference toward Python.

Prospective candidates should send an email to: wei-chung_lee@hms.harvard.edu with: 

1. a cover letter describing your past and future work, career goals, what you expect to gain from the lab, and what you anticipate to bringing to the lab;

2. your CV; 

3. names, emails, and phone numbers of three references.


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