[visionlist] Manfredo Massironi (1937 – 2011)

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Dear vision colleagues,

Manfredo Massironi passed away this morning in the hospital of Padova, the city where he lived, after five days of hospitalization. He was professor at the University of Verona, author of several books and numerous papers on psychology of perception and psychology of art. I am sure that those who knew him will miss him dearly.

Daniele Zavagno


[visionlist] RA Position: Position in visual cognition & cognitive neuroscience

Research Assistant Position   Research assistant in Cognitive Neuroscience
   Department of Psychology   Northwestern University
   We seek a research assistant for a joint lab manager position across two labs at the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University (Prof. Joan Chiao and Prof. Steve Franconeri). Studies involve behavioral, fMRI, and ERP studies of social/cultural neuroscience and visual cognition. The responsibilities include assisting in subject recruitment and running, performing maintenance on laboratory equipment, data analysis, and training and supervising undergraduate students. The position is ideal for a recent undergraduate who wishes to experience neuroscience research prior to applying to graduate or medical school, and provides a unique opportunity to experience two broad programs of research.

   Candidates should have an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, Biology or related fields, familiarity and ease with computers and strong organizational and interpersonal skills. Expertise with programming, prior independent research experience, and/or statistics is strongly desirable.   The laboratory is part of Northwestern University’s Psychology Department. We are particularly committed to maintaining a strongly interactive and collaborative atmosphere among different laboratories. Laboratory websites are available below.

   http://www.psych.northwestern.edu/~chiao/lab.htm   http://www.psych.northwestern.edu/~franconeri/lab/index.html
   Minorities and women are strongly encouraged to apply. Please send a statement of research interests, a CV, and contact information for 3 references to: Mark Schurgin, maschurgin@gmail.com

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[Imageworld] PhD scholarship for research on gamut mapping for digital cinema projection @ UPF, Barcelona

At the Department of Information and Communication Technologies,
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, there is a PhD scholarship
available for research on gamut mapping for digital cinema projection.
This work would be done under my supervision, over a 4-year period, and
the PhD thesis should be completed within this timeframe. The
scholarship includes teaching assistance tasks (60 hours per year), and
the monthly wage is 978.50€, with a chance to be increased up to 1,300€
from the second year on. The admission requirements are: to have
completed 300 ECTS credits, 60 of which have to correspond to an
official, research-oriented Master’s program.
If you are interested please send me your CV and an intention letter to:
marcelo DOT bertalmio AT upf DOT edu

Marcelo Bertalmío

[Imageworld] JOB: Software Engineer – Computer Vision and Augmented Reality – Mountain View, CA

Ditto Technologies is looking for great Software Engineers to build its virtual fitting platform for online shopping.YOU…* Love building cutting edge technology* Write clean and easy to read code* Don’t mind working start-up hours* Enjoy wearing multiple hats, you’ll be employee #5, 6 or 7* Are willing to commute to Ditto’s office in Mountain View, CARESPONSIBILITIES* Help build our proprietary virtual fitting technology, which enables customers to virtually try on things before buying them online* Create new algorithms and invent new product features* Code it, test it, optimize it, parallize it – we are obsessed with no loading times!* Build tools you need and troubleshoot othersQUALIFICATIONS* C++ in Linux is required, Python is a plus* Experience in computer vision, image processing, augmented reality, machine learning, and/or web applications is awesome* BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science, Statistics or Math or equivalent work experiencePERKS* You’ll be employee #5, 6 or 7 with real equity* Vacation, take it when you need it, no defined schedule* Monthly allowance for gym membership, commuting costs, etc* You pick your setup (computer/monitor/etc)ABOUT DITTODitto is an exciting, pre-launch, venture-backed start-up based in Mountain View, CA. We are an e-commerce site with proprietary augmented reality virtual fitting technology initially focused on eyewear. A customer uses his or her webcam to create a “Ditto” – a photo-realistic 3D virtual self used to try on glasses virtually before purchasing them from the site. A user can share snapshots via Facebook to seek feedback from friends. THE APPLICATIONEmail your CV to jobs@dittofit.com and address it to Sergey Surkov.Have questions? Please email the same address.

[Imageworld] ViSP open source 2.6.1 release

We are pleased to announce the new ViSP-2.6.1 release under the terms
of the GNU GPLv2 licence.

ViSP is an open-source object-oriented library for fast development
of visual servoing applications. ViSP can be used either for simulations
or to control the motion of real robots using classical cameras. Image
processing algorithms for the tracking of visual cues at video rate are
also provided.

ViSP is developed by the Lagadic research team at
INRIA Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique.

ViSP is available from http://www.irisa.fr/lagadic/visp/visp.html

Best regards,

The ViSP team
Fabien Spindler, Filip Novotny, Eric Marchand, François Chaumette

[Imageworld] PhD proposal: Detection, classification and self diagnosis of changes in 3D point clouds

PhD proposal

MATIS laboratory – Institut Géographique National

Detection, classification and self diagnosis of changes

in 3D point clouds


This PhD will take place within the scope of the TerraMobilita project
(a follow up on the TerraNumerica project) of the CapDigital cluster
(Business Cluster For Digital Content and Services of the Paris Region)
which aims at designing production lines to generate automatically and
semi-automatically 3D models of roadways and sidewalks from ground-based
mobile mapping systems (MMS) equipped with optical imaging together with
laser devices.

One important task in this project is to assess the accessibility of all
the parts of the city to wheelchairs. This requires a detection of all
the objects of the sidewalk that might be obstacles. Moreover, these
obstacles should be classified between fixed obstacles (lamp-posts,
benches, trees,…) and mobile obstacles (pedestrians, garbage cans,
parked vehicles,…) In order to perform such a classification, several
laser scans of the same scene should be compared and interpreted.


The main goal of this PhD thesis is to develop a method to detect,
classify and diagnose changes in 3D laser scans of the same scene
acquired at different times:


Detection: find which points of each scene correspond to an object
that was not present in the other. Special care need to be taken
regarding occlusions: points from scene 1 may have no counterparts
in scene 2 either because they belong to an object that is not
present in scene 2 or because they are hidden by an object of
scene 2 that is not in scene 1. Finally, we want to detect
objects, so the points detected as changes should be clustered
together to form coherent objects, with the risk of merging objects.


Classification: detected objects will then be classified in an
unsupervised manner, with the classifier learning only from the
similarities between some detected objects. Optionally, a user can
semantize the classes by observing its representants.


Self diagnosis: The classification method might label objects with
more or less certainty. Dubious cases should be reported to an
operator for human eye inspection. The information coming back
from the user may also be used in order to improve the classification.


D. Girardeau-Montaut, M. Roux, R. Marc, G. Thibault. Change detection on
points cloud data acquired with a ground laser scanner. IPRS WG III/3,
III/4, V/3 Workshop “Laser scanning 2005”, Enschede, the Netherlands,
September 12-14, 2005

J. Hernández and B. Marcotegui. Filtering of Artifacts and Pavement
Segmentation from Mobile LiDAR Data. LaserScanning’09
, Paris, France. September 2009

MATIS laboratory

The MATIS laboratory of the Institut Géographique National (IGN), which
is the French national mapping agency, is one of the leading
laboratories in photogrammetric computer vision, image analysis and
remote sensing applied to geospatial imagery of and ground based imagery
(e.g., provided by mobile mapping systems). It is composed of 27
researchers, including 16 permanent researchers.

The MATIS laboratory has been involved in 3D data collection for 3D city
modelling for twenty years during which it has developed state of the
art aerial image analysis tools and reconstruction methods.


– Good spoken and written English.

– Good knowledge of programming language (C++) is mandatory.

Location and salary

Research will be held at the MATIS laboratory of the Institut
Géographique National in Saint-Mandé, Paris, France (94).

The wages will be 2000-2300 € per month depending on the experience of
the candidate.

The position will be for 3 years, and will start from January 2012.


Applications should be sent to:

– Bruno Vallet Phone: 00 33 1 43 98 80 81 E-mail: bruno.vallet@ign.fr

– Nicolas Paparoditis Phone: 00 33 1 43 98 83 92 E-mail:

Applications consist of a cover letter describing how your research
experience is relevant to the position and a resume.

Contact either of the supervisors for more information about any aspect
of the position and research topic.

Deadline: 30 November 2011