[visionlist] Postdoctoral Position in computational modelling of human attentional processes during driving, Imperial College London

Dear colleagues,
a researcher position is available at my laboratory to work on computational modelling of human attentional 
processes and how are they affected by multimodal distractors and cognitive workload, with applications to 
adaptive  brain-machine interfaces for assisted driving. The applicant will preferably be at a postdoctoral level, 
but other candidates  will also be considered. 
The research will be part of a USA/UK MURI (Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative) project on “Adaptive
Closed-Loop Multisensory Brain-Computer Interfaces for Enhanced Decision Accuracy”. You will be part of
the Personal Robotics Laboratory at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Imperial College
in London, a vibrant multidisciplinary research group interested in perceiving, modelling and assisting humans 
performing complex tasks. You will be collaborating closely with researchers from USC, CSHL, Harvard, NYU,
UC Berkeley, UCL and Essex, and will collect multimodal (behavioural, physiological and performance)  human 
data whilst the human is driving simulated cars in the presence of distractors and under additional workload
induced through secondary and tertiary cognitive and sensorimotor tasks. 
Applicants with related background and strong mathematical and computational skills are encouraged to read more
about the position by following the relevant links contained here: http://ift.tt/2qba9yh
Applications should be through the college’s recruitment portal: http://ift.tt/2bO4ZDo
(search for post reference EN20170111SA).  
Deadline: 23rd of May 2017.
Wth best wishes,


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